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New Year and a new YOU!

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New Year's always seems to include making those resolutions that only last about one month. Here is a resolution that you should keep. Strive to live a more wholesome and natural lifestyle. Go out and take a daily walk, get some fresh air. Put down the cellphone and other electronics that steal away precious time from the people you want to spend your time with. Actually, engage with and talk to people. Find out who they are and you may be surprised that you have more in common than you think. Buy good whole foods and stay away from prepackaged as much as possible. Even better, grow your own veggies. Get your kids involved in growing and teach them some valuable life skills in the process. Another thing you can do for your body is to pay attention to what you put on it. Virginia Outpost's bath and body products do not have chemicals or preservatives in them. They are just nourishing plant-based oils, pure essential oils that smell awesome, and other natural ingredients. We make them fresh when you order so they will last and are not sitting in a warehouse for months waiting to be shipped to a store for sale. Our prices are also very competitive and you really can't beat them! Give us a try and enjoy softer skin and a healthier lifestyle.

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