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International Customers PLEASE READ!

Due to the numerous international tax, customs/duty, and other import rates, we have determined that it is up to the customer to pay all fees and rates for taxes and duties when their package arrives at it's destination. Each customer is more familiar with their own VAT/GST or other sales tax rates than we are here at Virginia Outpost. The in-country carrier will assess those fees for you at the time of delivery. No refunds will be provided for customers who do not receive their packages because they refuse to pay taxes and customs duty to their respective countries.

We have done our due diligence and have researched our products to ensure they are eligible to come into your country and based on the information we have read, can state that our products should never have an excise tax levied since they are not alcohol, tobacco or perfumes/fragrances. Our products are scented, but they are not fragrances. We will fill out the customs form as clearly as possible. For example, in this day and age of rampant terrorism, it would probably not be wise to use the words "Bath Bomb" on the customs label. Instead, we would likely write, "Molded Scented Bath Salts".

We have also reduced postage rates with the United States Postal Service (our preferred carrier for international shipments) so your customs/duty fees and tax values should be kept as low as possible for you.

Therefore, PLEASE be ready to pay an additional fee for your package once it arrives above the shipping fees already paid to us through our store. The fees will be a percentage cost based on the cost of the goods and the shipping costs. 

While "Gifts" are usually not taxed or are taxed at a reduced tax/duty rate, we will never state that your purchase is a gift since it is coming from a business to you. In order for it to be considered a gift, it would be mailed by you to your gift recipient. Even if we were to drop ship it directly to your gift recipient, it would still be a gift from you and not Virginia Outpost.